“It is the dawn of a new age.”

“We have toiled for countless years in the dark, dusty pits of this realm that the Lords cast us into. Working, mining, searching for ways to improve our wretched lives, and there is always the Blackness- that terrifying, enticing edge of sanity and the unknown…”

“But our efforts, our pain and agony have paid off. The Lords did not know what they had sent us too, oh no, they thought they had sent us to be banished forever to the Dark Lands, to their incarnation of hell. For a time, that is all it was. But now?”

“We have gained something.”

“At first we did not know what we had found. It was strange, something we’d never seen before. We thought it was what had killed off our companions, and were wary. But we know better now. It is a gift from the gods, or perhaps even the instrument with which to become gods ourselves. It is indescribable the feeling- the raw power!”

“It has become the focus of our lives and destinies. It shapes us in more ways than one. Our habits, our society, even our flesh. Oh yes, we’ve changed. We’ve become something different, something new.”

“Something greater.”

“It is all thanks to that wondrous material, the drug, the breath and blood all of us here… the fifth element, the power behind life, magic, raw power, whatever we wish to call it.”

“It is Aether, we say. Aether is ours now, and it has changed everything

-Lord Proxus

The Dark Lands