The undisputed capitol of the Dark Lands, Crevice has sprung up from the old mining town where Jarn Proxus made his great discovery. Because of its history, and proximity to the first known finding of Aether, it has grown immensely, and is the greatest city in all of the Dark Lands. Whilst all sources of Aether in the area have no doubt been found by now, Crevice has managed to bring the Aether Suffused and Aether Touched individuals to it, power calling to power as it were, to the extent that and most of those who control Inert Aether also live there, making it a central location for study of this miraculous substance.

Most power within the city resides in the Twelve Aetheric Houses, powerful business based organizations, founded by the twelve known Suffused. They waged a bitter war over the city since the discovery of Aether, but now rule as one, through the terms of the Noctan Pact.

There is also a thieves guild within the city, and an organization of scholars studying Aether, in ways that may or may not be ethical. Crevice’s common folk are usually miners and sailors, though the middle class hold a variety of occupations. It is, after all, the greatest city in the Dark Lands

It is also the first city of the Dark Lands to host noble society. The Ria and Erthen have learned to stage grand pageants, dances, masques, balls and parties… whatever amuses the powerful people of the city. The black stone mined here has led to a most dramatic look, early in the morning, especially when looking down from the City Walls.


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