Lord Proxus

Ruler of House Proxus, First Lord of Crevice, and greatest of the Suffused, Jarn Proxus is a figure even the Lords will have to learn to respect in time/ (Assuming they do not know of him already, of course)

His tale is a simple one, retold a thousand times (mainly for his own pleasure) A simple miner, a common man as any other, the younger Jarn worked hard at his job down in the mine, quarrying black stone for the growing town above.

And found the amazing substance, that granted him god like mastery of the four elements, earth, fire, water and air. From there, he founded House Proxus, took power, and thus the first war of the Dark Lands begun

Today, he rules proudly, first amongst equals, and, whilst a little mad perhaps, the ruler of Crevice. Further, he is perhaps the most personally powerful of the House Lords, and one of the greatest masters of military strategy amongst their number. All the inhabitants of Crevice know full well that House Proxus was never defeated in direct combat during the Aetheric War, it taking covert action to counter their force. If ever the people of the Dark Lands go to war against the Lords, to retake the Bowl of Creation it shall almost certainly be Proxus who leads them.

He was also the first to draw upon Aether in direct, martial combat. When young Touched today learn the art of Aetheric Bladework, they are drawing upon techniques developed by Lord Proxus, and his house still trains the majority of such Swordmages (although House Sharas would dearly love to overturn this state of affairs)

Lord Proxus

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