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A place of blackness, shade, bitterness and hatred, the Dark Lands were abandoned for many long ages before the current inhabitants arrived.

A home-brew setting, first created by Vael, Aether Unleashed is the progression of her work. This campaign setting however will focus on very different concepts. Vael’s setting focused on the directly transformation effect of Aether, whereas Aether Unleashed takes a different view of the same society.

This is a society that has come to know Aether, a society that has shaped it, and been been shaped by it. For better or for worse. Many things have changed since the day Lord Proxus first found Active Aether, yet the effect it has had upon the people of the Dark Lands is… a matter of debate.

Class (Aetheric) Role Class (non-Mystic) Role Class (Shade) Role
Swordmage Defender Fighter Defender Paladin Defender
Wizard Controller Rogue Striker Druid Controller
Sorcerer Striker Ranger Striker Avenger Striker
Artificer Leader Warlord Leader Shaman Leader


The main race in the Dark Lands by far is humanity. They were the ones cast out from the Bowl of Creation, and they still outnumber any other group, Touched or Monster, a hundred times over.

However, the changes wrought by Aetheric Suffusion have only grown more dramatic with time. Of the Suffused, only Jarn Prozus has remained human, in form at least. The others have… shifted. Taken on new forms, new powers, new strengths… and their forms have been passed on to their descendants. The changes wrought by Aether breed true, it seems.

The Touched are not numerous, and to find one outside the hierarchy of their house is a rare event. But they have become far more common than they once were, at least in Crevice. The twelve known Touched ‘races’, as they’re now being called, are known throughout the Dark Lands, as their families have spread. They are all suitable for selection as player characters.

Races are
Ria Deva
Canjen Tieflings
Tyeri Gnomes
Sharas Eladrin
Baruun Half Elves
Noctar Drow
Varthaa Shifter
Erran Genasi
Akthar Half Orcs
Kornak Dwarfs
Phara Elf

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